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    Periodic system reviews

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Risk management and continued operation management

IRegardless of its business sector, every organization is exposed to the risk of events that could cause losses or even business interruption. Similarly, any business can find itself in a crisis caused by a variety of internal (employees, operational processes) or external (suppliers, customers, competitors, random events) factors.

We are prepared for such situations, firmly believing in this motto: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We have implemented a complete Entreprise Risk Management system, whose main objectives are:

  • Protect human life and health,

  • Protect the Group's properties and operational capabilities,

  • Protect the interests of all stakeholders (e.g. our customers),

  • Protect our reputation.

As part of the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), we have developed a methodology in order to identify and assess opportunities and risks, defined levels of possible results and the probability of specific events occurring at Group and individual company level. We constantly identify, describe and evaluate risks so as to introduce various risk control mechanisms. We make sure the system is working properly by reviewing it regularly.

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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

The Business Continuity Management system completes all of this. BCM is a system designed to ensure that even in the event of any disturbances and issues the organization continues to operate and provides efficient customer service.

We have created and implemented a group policy containing detailed plans and responsibilities for individual elements of the system. Contingency plans are tested regularly, at least once a year, allowing us to further improve the system. Furthermore, to ensure efficient maintenance of the process, the entire documentation has become part of the integrated management systems, subject to periodic reviews and verifications.

We always go the extra mile to ensure that random events and external factors do not negatively impact our services.