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On the way, with technology

Raben Group IT specialist

Technologies are created by people

A dedicated team of IT experts who ensure the security and functionality of our systems is the foundation upon which modern solutions are built.
We have integrated warehouse and transport systems for the entire Group, thanks to which we have full control of warehouse processes and optimize transport operations. We collect all our processes in one system visible and navigable by the customer - myRaben.

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Perfect synergy

Moving a shipment from point A to point B is not just the driver's job. An extensive technological infrastructure hides behind the scenes, a transport management system that allows us to keep an eye on the shipment at every stage. Thanks to the accompanying programs we can correctly manage the transport documents, optimize the route and manage complaints.

A similar approach is adopted with warehouse management and dedicated systems for the comprehensive management of operations, inventory and labor. Our Contract Logistics offer also covers additional services such as co-packing and co-manufacturing. They too, without the complementary equipment and software, could not exist.

All this, in combination with process automation, creates modern and future-proof logistics.

The PCD solution, for you!