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Picture Confirming Delivery

The recent market situation has been a real challenge for everyone. However, we are always ready to handle your shipments.

We secure your business, always.

By taking care of security, we respond to your current needs. We have introduced the new Picture Confirming Delivery solution which makes it possible to confirm the delivery without any contact, almost without the participation of the recipient.

PCD innovation means:

  • Security - contact-free delivery, no contacts
    between customer and driver

  • Convenience - no signature and stamp needed 
    remote pick-up possible e.g. during quarantine stay
  • Certainty- recording the date, time and place
    of delivery and photographs of the shipment

Mobile phone e PCD

How does PCD work?

Delivery process with PCD is really simple. As customer you only have to palce an order in myOrder system (myRaben.com platform) and then you have to indicate your wish to use the free additional PCD service.

Then the driver, during delivery, leaves the goods in the place indicated by the recipient and takes three photos: of the label, of the shipment and of the shipment with the label. In this practical way it confirms the delivery without the need for the recipient to sign for it, so it is possible to maintain the right distance between driver and recipient. The photos are automatically saved on the driver's mobile device and transformed into a delivery confirmation. The document also records the license plate number of the truck, date, time and geographical coordinates of the place where the photos were taken.

This innovative solution ensures that the photos were taken in a specific place and time. You can immediately see the proof of delivery on the myRaben platform, in the myTrack & Trace section.

Take advantage of our new solution!

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