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  • Modern infrastructure

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Transport is necessary. For the majority it's just a simple necessity, but for many of us it is a hobby and a real passion. Since we work in logistics, we understand very well what the needs of automotive companies are.

High seasonality, delivery of components to production lines, special MEGA transports and flexibility - all these make us even more passionate for automotive.

We are deeply committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable and safe supply chain for your business and we offer, in particular:

  • Consolidation of shipments from multiple subcontractors and direct delivery to factories

  • Delivery of spare parts to service centers,

  • Logistics management of return packaging, storage (including in-house service), sorting services,

  • Parcel tracking at every stage, with ETA

  • We use stand-by-trailers.

Our experience in the field and in Europe make us a trusted partner.

Raben Group warehouse

Hazardous goods

We have extensive experience in working with dangerous goods. In the automotive sector, these can be, for example, seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags, sprays, vehicle oils and cosmetic agents (aerosols). This type of goods is handled by an experienced and trained driver, and the load is also secured against unwanted movements on the pallets. We have implemented restrictive solutions to fight against fires and protect the environment. The many years of experience in managing higher level facilities make us aware of which goods can be stored in nearby locations and how to ensure that all operations are carried out safely. We also support our clients in preparing data for ADR annual reports.

Raben Group tree planting

Sustainable logistics

Climate change has been the hot topic of the recent years. Being a responsible logistics operator, we are committed to creating sustainable supply chains. We regularly measure CO2, systematically replace older trucks with new ones that satisfy the latest greenhouse gases emission requirements and we have applied numerous pro-ecology solutions with regard to the use of natural resources in our warehouses. Finally, we neutralise our environmental impact by organising tree planting events. To learn more, read about CSR efforts at www.csr.raben-group.com.