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We have DRIVE!

Raben Group employee

In Raben Group, we all have the DRIVE. It's been guiding us forever.

Drive is energy and passion. It is the sum of the unique characteristics of each of us and teamwork, which makes us strong.

Raben are People with Drive, people who have been making the history of this company for 90 years.
Our Drive for logistics and transport together with the numerous warehouses located in 13 European countries there are work activities in: Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria.

Find your Drive in Italy, join the 300 employees already present in the company and in our 16 branches, choose the one closest to you!


Employees for more than 5 years

Employee events organized annually

Internships and apprenticeships

Awards for achievements in logistics in 2019

Annual charity events

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We want to get noticed!

Always on the go. Since 1960.
We believe in everyone's potential and individual abilities to generate added value.
Each of us has a unique personality that fascinates, a unique strength that spurs and motivates, a unique talent that makes the difference.

We can't wait to discover your Drive!

Everyone stands out in something.

Sometimes we don't really realize what is our
own potential.
We help you discover it and turn it into
individual and team success.

Listen to your Drive - Come work with us!