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After the food collection organized in December 2021 that involved all employees of Raben Group's Italian BU with over 300kg of food collected, the virtuous partnership between Raben SITTAM and Banco Alimentare.

In fact, since the official start of this collaboration in January 2022, Raben Group trucks have been loading between 10,000 and 12,000 kilograms of products every Wednesday at Esselunga in Pioltello, products that are then transported to Banco Alimentare's headquarters in Muggiò where the association's volunteers check, select and prepare the products so they can be distributed to the approximately 45-50 charitable facilities that pick them up daily.

Being a transportation and logistics company does not only mean supporting clients in their business and transporting their goods.
It also means providing its know-how and assets to support the entities that need it most, to do good without asking for anything in return.

They continue to support Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus with a monthly pickup of kilograms and kilograms of food and basic necessities, on their behalf, to be donated.
We know how much this action of ours can help hundreds and thousands of people and we are proud of it.

We will continue to do so and in full Raben style: our new branded vehicle will circulate the streets, carrying with it, mile after mile, all the pride of our Group.